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Couple in the Maldives

At Flight Centre we offer an exclusive range of romantic holidays ideal for your honeymoon called Escapes. With a range of adult havens on offer, honeymooners can treat themselves to a lie-in, relax in peace by a tranquil pool, enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach or indulge at the spa. We can’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate tying the knot. Adventure seekers need not worry about getting bored either: our couples’ Escapes blend modern luxury with local culture and sightseeing too, so you can have an authentic, memorable experience in the company of your belle or beau.

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Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Whatever your honeymoon style, we’ve got the destination to suit you.


Thailand Honeymoons

If it’s ancient beauty you’re after, Thailand is your honeymoon destination. A confection of tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, floating markets and enchantment by the bucket-load, this culture-infused behemoth will leave you and your partner breathless. Choose from the sugary beaches of Phuket, the streaky orange sunsets of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan’s technicolour marine life, rock-climbing and white water rafting in Krabi and the mesmerising beauty of the Phi Phi Islands – to name a few. View our Thailand holidays.

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Indian Ocean Honeymoons

Island lovers will fall head over heels for an Indian Ocean honeymoon, especially when they realise they have to make an impossible choice: Bali, Maldives or Mauritius. Explore iconic rice paddies and coral reefs in Bali, island hop across turquoise waters in the Maldives and discover vast rainforests and native animals in Mauritius. Newlyweds who adore wildlife as much as they adore their new spouse will feel right at home in Malaysia. Nature comes to life here, from the country’s vivid emerald jungles to its rare animals, like the endemic-to-Borneo proboscis monkey. View our Indian Ocean holidays.

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Dubai and the USA

For a larger-than-life honeymoon, look no further than Dubai or the USA. The flashy high-rises, golden beaches and world-class shopping of this Arabian paradise will make you feel like a million dollars, while the bright lights of Vegas, the parks of Florida and Hawaii’s incredible surf will ensure you make some unforgettable memories with your new husband or wife. View our Dubai holidays. View our USA holidays.

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Caribbean and Mexico

And then there’s the classic Caribbean. If you’ve seen pictures from your friend’s recent honeymoon, they probably went to one of the tropical isles nestled in the Caribbean Sea. Unsurprisingly really, as the options are limitless: Barbados, St Lucia, Antigua, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas, Grenada, Tobago, British Virgin Islands, Grand Cayman, St Barths, St Kitts & Nevis, Anguilla, St Vincent & Grenadines, St Maarten, Turks & Caicos, Aruba and Bermuda. And we can’t possibly forget the mighty Mexico. Part Caribbean Sea, part Pacific Ocean, whichever side you pick you’ll be rewarded with postcard-perfect beaches, intense Mayan culture and unparalleled wildlife encounters; swimming with whale sharks in Cancun is our favourite. View our Caribbean holidays. View our Mexico holidays.

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What else can I expect?

No matter where or when you go, you’ll always be guaranteed the Escapes collection of inclusive extras on top of your flights and hotel: our concierge service as standard and added exclusives like discount massages or free room upgrades in certain hotels.

We want to make sure your honeymoon goes off without a hitch, so travel with us and we’ll make sure you have the perfect post-wedding holiday.