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Caribbean holidays

Caribbean Holidays

Think of the Caribbean and you are instantly transported to sipping magnificent cocktails on white sand beaches bathed in sunlight and cooled by gentle breezes coming in off the inviting, azure Caribbean Sea. These islands, which arc gently down from the Gulf of Mexico down to the tip of South America are some of the most prestigious holiday destinations in the world. These islands are adorned in palm trees, typified by a relaxed way of life and blessed with some of the finest beachside hospitality available. So, peruse our selection of Caribbean holidays below and find your perfect beach escape.

Dominican Republic

Located on the island of Hispaniola, next to Haiti, is the Dominican Republic. The country is mountainous and covered in rainforest in its interior and surrounded by beautiful beaches, coastline and marine environments. Perhaps the most famous resort in the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana, right on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic, this location is perfect for watching the sunrise over the Atlantic. Find your perfect Dominican Republic holiday below.


The main island in the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua is an idyllic destination ringed by coral reefs and pretty white sailboats. As a result, this island is so much more than sun and beaches, the reefs are home to an array of colourful marine life. The colourful expression of life isn’t confined to the ocean, though, the residents of this island are lively and welcoming, something you can revel in if you are lucky enough to be here during the carnival.


Popular with cruise ships, Barbados is as peaceful as it is luxurious and this island is guaranteed to captivate you and convince you to visit again and again. Home to some of the very best hotels and restaurants in the Caribbean this island has a variety of beaches to suit every taste as well as tranquil waters and quaint British-influenced villages.

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Saint Lucia

Renowned as one of the most romantic Caribbean islands – quite the accolade given the incredibly romantic competition – St. Lucia is home to dramatic mountain landscapes, pristine beaches and luxury resorts. The islands natural beauty make it one of the most photographed in the Caribbean, with the climax of the scenery being the Pitons – a pair of iconic Volcanic peaks that juxtapose the islands gorgeous beaches. Select your perfect St. Lucia holiday below.


Jamaica is one of the largest, and, arguably, most famous, islands in the Caribbean. The island and is well known for being the birthplace of reggae music, having stunning beachside resorts - such as Montego Bay or Ocho Rios - and lush, mountainous inland. So grab yourself a carefully crafted rum cocktail, stick on some Bob Marley and come and experience Jamaica’s laid back lifestyle.


The archipelago of the Bahamas is located north of Hispanola and Cuba, southeast of the US state of Florida and is a maritime playground ripe for relaxation. The islands are fringed by beautiful coral reefs and fertile ocean trenches that is the perfect environment for marine life. Explore this beautiful underwater world or admire it from afar on palm tree lined, crisp, white sand beaches.

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