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Travel, change or refund... the choice is yours


Ready, set, go! Who could ever have predicted that in 2021 we’d need to watch the traffic lights to go on holiday? While the world of travel may be more complex these days, we’re still excited about the future of holidays and confident that we can take the worries out of the booking process. Enter our Traffic Light Change Policy

We know how hard it is to commit to your next adventure when you don’t know what changes the government will make before you travel. But book a package with us, and if the lights change from green to amber or red before you go you can choose to still travel, make date and destination changes, or even cancel your holiday and get your money back. Best of all, you can do all of this for FREE! That’s what we mean when we say we’ll help you book with confidence


Why Book with Flight Centre?  

It’s been so long since your last holiday, why wait to book? Our experts have access to the latest trusted travel advice to get you travel ready, not to mention a curated range of Flexi Holidays for those who want ultimate peace of mind and flexibility. Our step-by-step process will show you why you can book with confidence with us right now:  

1. Book your holiday with our low deposit of just £49 per booking.  

2. Discuss our flexible payment options with your Consultant at the time of booking, and confirm when you need to pay your balance. 

3. Under our Traffic Light Change Policy, if your destination changes from green to amber or red, or amber to red, your Consultant will call to discuss your options around 4-6 weeks before your trip.  

4. At this point you’ll decide to travel, change your dates or destination, or get a full refund

5. Your Consultant will also be on hand to answer any queries you might have around COVID testing, vaccine passports or quarantine restrictions. 

6. And then all that’s left for you to do is enjoy your amazing, tailor-made (and long overdue) holiday! 

Traffic Light Change Policy – More Information

Planning a last-minute holiday?

Green means go! So, if your destination of choice is green, it's time to book! If it changes to amber or red before you travel, you’ll have the option to change or cancel for free.  
As for amber, we know loads of people (us included!) who are desperate to get away and can self-isolate for five (with test to release) or 10 days when they return home. If this is you, why not go for it and book, safe in the knowledge that if it turns red, you’ll have the option to change or cancel for free. 

For red-list destinations, to ensure you have the best experience on your holiday, we’re restricted on what we can sell for immediate travel, but if you need to get away for an essential trip, chat with our experts on 0808 250 2623 and we’ll see what we can do.  

Booking for later in the year? 

Holidays are all about getting immersed in different cultures, relaxing, rejuvenating, broadening your mind and, well, having something to look forward to/brag about. So, regardless of the status of your destination country at the time of booking, we’re here to help you get something in the diary. And with our flexible booking policy you can book a package for later in the year with complete confidence.  

If, by six weeks prior to your departure, your destination is not on the green list (regardless of what it was when you booked), we’ll contact you to discuss your options and then it’ll be your decision about what to do next. You can choose to travel, change your dates or destination, or take a full refund.   

What do the traffic-light colours mean?

Check out our infographic below to see what the requirements are for destinations under each colour. You can also visit our blog for more information. 

Terms & conditions: £49 deposit does not apply to packages flying with low-cost airlinesDate changes may incur additional charges where it leads to increased travel service provider costs. Package can be amended or refunded if there is a significant change to advice from that point up to the day of travel – a significant change would be a change to traffic light from green to amber or red, or amber to red, or a change to FCDO advice that prevents all but essential travel. Only applicable to packages departing from England.