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Discovering the Best Food in Australia's South
Australia's South is full of the freshest, local dishes, bursting with flavour. From hotspots like Melbourne and Adelaide to Tasmania and Kangaroo Island,... Read More »
7 Active and Adventurous Things To Do in Brisbane
I’m not the type of person to plan an active holiday - one where I’m working out regularly or participating in adrenaline-filled activities each day. I like to relax... Read More »
What to Take on a Flight to Australia
I have lived on the other side of the world (in the UK) for over three years now and during that time I have had to go home to Australia for a number of different... Read More »
Australian Bushfires: How to Help
We have been sad to hear of the devastation left by the ongoing and seemingly relentless bush fires currently sweeping across Australia, and as the stories and graphic... Read More »
Western Australia
5 Reasons You Should Visit Australia’s Coral Coast
There’s no doubt that Australia is one of the most remote and fascinating destinations on the planet, and the Coral Coast in particular highlights everything that... Read More »
5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Perth
If when planning a trip to Australia, you automatically think of Sydney and the east coast…well then, where have you been for the last two years?! Roughly around... Read More »
5 Perfect Winter Holiday Destinations
Dreaming about escaping the rain and cold for somewhere warm and sunny? Look no further than our selection of the top destinations for the perfect winter... Read More »
Western Australia
Discovering Western Australia's National Parks
The diversity of Western Australia’s National Parks really is like nothing I have ever seen before. I had the pleasure of discovering a few of these beauties during a... Read More »
Why You Shouldn't Miss the Queensland Outback
A Queensland holiday typically consists of adventures in ancient rainforest, lazing on incredible beaches and exploring the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. And it’s... Read More »
The Best Places in the World to See Wild Dolphins
Everyone loves dolphins. Their friendly smiles and playful nature fast-tracks them right to the top of many a must-see wildlife bucket list, with dolphin-watching tours... Read More »
How to Spend a Weekend in Byron Bay, NSW
Whether you’re flying in for a couple of days or passing by on a road trip, Byron Bay is well worth a visit. As soon as you arrive, there’s something about the place... Read More »
8 Tips for Flying to Australia
Whether you're going for a holiday of a lifetime, or visiting friends and family, flights to Australia aren’t as simple as booking a trip to Europe. There’s a... Read More »
An Insider's Guide to Brisbane
We’ve just arrived in Brisbane city centre. I check my watch – we don’t need to be at Brisbane International until 9pm – it’s 3pm now. How to fill the time?... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
What to Expect From a Trip to the Great Barrier Reef
When someone tells you “you have to see the Sydney Opera House” you have a pretty good idea of what to expect: You will either; wander around the building’s famous... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
How To Do The Great Barrier Reef Like Sir David Attenborough
If, like most of us, you’re a die-hard David Attenborough fan, then chances are you have the Great Barrier Reef on your bucket list. He’s spoken about the reef many... Read More »
7 Queensland Experiences I Can't Stop Talking About
You know what it’s like. You get back from an incredible holiday and you can’t shut up about it. Your friends are starting to roll their eyes having heard the story... Read More »
How to Survive an Aussie Road Trip
Nowhere else in the world is made for road tripping in the same way as Australia. An Aussie road trip is an adventure of epic proportions; the destinations - and the... Read More »
The Stargazer's Guide to the World
Amid the frenetic day-to-day of work, bills, taxes and meetings, we sometimes forget how insignificant our lives are in the grand scheme of things. All it... Read More »
Hamilton Island: Queensland’s Answer to Jurassic Park
I visited Hamilton Island for the first time in March this year, based solely on the recommendation of my Flight Centre Travel Consultant. Deciding to keep it all a... Read More »
The Great Barrier Reef: Sea vs Air
The Great Barrier Reef is quite simply one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the world. But what’s the best way to see this incredible phenomenon... Read More »
4 Animal Encounters on Hamilton Island, Queensland
One of the most amazing things about Queensland's Hamilton Island is its wondrous array of wildlife (for the nature lovers among you, this is definitely the place to get... Read More »
The Gorges of Karijini National Park
Karijini National Park is one of Australia’s best kept secrets, a raw, isolated and untouched world of red rocks, spectacular gorges and natural swimming pools. Found... Read More »
How To Spend 48 Hours In Brisbane
When planning a trip to Australia’s East Coast, Brisbane tends to be cast to the role of the oft-forgotten, somewhat ugly step sister, devoid of things to do and... Read More »
A Foodie's Guide to Cairns
Queensland’s tropical north capital, Cairns, is known by many as the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef--the meeting point of two World Heritage places: the world’s... Read More »
How to Spend 3 Days in Sydney
If, like me, perfect to you is a big city vibe with golden beaches at your fingertips, then Sydney is your bliss. Australia’s largest and most famous city, the capital... Read More »
7 Reasons to Drive the Great Ocean Road
With spectacular views, winding roads, inland rainforests and beautiful beaches, this 151-mile drive Victorian Drive packs a punch on a small scale (by Australian... Read More »
Top 3 Spots for Brunch in Melbourne (Fitzroy & Collingwood)
One of the first things I noticed upon wandering the neighbouring districts of Fitzroy and Collingwood (besides their clear love of spray-paint cans) was that these guys... Read More »
Western Australia
8 Reasons to Visit Shark Bay, Western Australia
Long before Captain Cook made landfall at Botany Bay on the east coast of Australia, Dutch explorers had already landed far in the west, at a remote and isolated place... Read More »
A Local's Guide to Melbourne
Earlier this year I took a work trip down to Melbourne for a month and was #blessed by the cultural metropolis that is both unique and eclectic. You have undoubtedly... Read More »
Around the World In Coffee: the Bucket List
I love lists: Shopping lists, to do lists, gift lists (for other people, not me); I would be lost without them all. Some lists are more serious than others but... Read More »
12 of the Sunniest Spots in the World
Winter, spring summer or fall – no matter the time of year in the UK you can always count on one thing: the unpredictability of the weather. So when you're getting... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in Cairns that Aren’t the Great Barrier Reef
Cairns is well known amongst travellers as one of the best places from which to visit the Great Barrier Reef, the world’s largest coral reef system, but for many... Read More »
How to Stay Fit on your Travels
Whether you’re travelling for work or play, keeping up with your usual fitness routine is tricky when you’re away from home. But fitting in a workout between... Read More »
This Australian Beach Is Full Of Kangaroos Ready To Hang Out With You
As an Australian, any interaction with a non-Australian tends to centre around kangaroos. Namely, can you see them on the high street or do you ride them to work?... Read More »
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Going to Australia
More than four million people visit Australia on holiday every year. And who could blame them? The Land Down Under boasts sun-blessed beaches, epic wildlife and... Read More »
Slice of Sunshine: Queensland's best food
Famed for its incredible coastline, Queensland can also kick it with the best of ‘em when it comes to gastronomic prowess. Ashley Wright – aka Cairns born-and-bred... Read More »
7 Stunning Places You Had No Idea Were In Queensland
When you think of Queensland it’s easy to think of only the bright lights and skyscrapers of Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast, but I’m here to tell you that... Read More »
Rottnest Island: Quokka Selfies and Bike Rides
Waiting off the coast of Perth in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean is one of Western Australia’s best getaways, Rottnest Island.This rugged and beautiful island is... Read More »
12 Queensland Beaches You'd Rather Be At
Hands up if you’re getting sick and tired of this whole winter thing?! There’s something to be said for a British winter—it’s cold, drizzly and not quite like... Read More »
The Best Ways to Explore Australia
From soaring above the world’s largest coral reef to hiking mountain passes and paddling down majestic rivers, there are as many ways to explore Australia as there are... Read More »
Flight Centre’s Top 10 Blog Posts 2018
Yup, it’s that time of year again. Time to look back at our favourite blog posts of the year to see what has got you travel-obsessed lot clicking in 2018. Here are our... Read More »
David Attenborough's Favourite Place On Earth: Your Guide To The World’s Oldest Rainforest
If I asked you what comes to mind when I say “oldest living rainforest”, I’d forgive you for thinking of the Amazon. But it’s actually Australia’s Daintree... Read More »
10 Christmas Traditions from Around the World
Not long 'til Christmas now, and you'll soon be enjoying your mince pies and mulled wine while feeling suitably stuffed from far too much turkey. But as you set... Read More »
6 Reasons Why You Should Spend Christmas Abroad
When it comes to the idea of spending Christmas abroad, most people fall into one of two camps. The first is those who can’t think of anything worse – surely... Read More »
10 Best Places to Escape the Winter Blues
We all know that winter in the UK can be a bit of a depressing time of year. The fanfare of the festive season is over, the weather is miserable and the dread of another... Read More »
An Expert's Guide to Victoria
Flight Centre's Victoria Expert Nikki Metcalfe has been to Australia 10 times and spent three months travelling around Victoria. She says "This small state is so... Read More »
Road Tripping from Melbourne

A full spectrum of attractions within a two-hour radius makes Melbourne the ideal starting point for a road trip in Victoria, says Kathleen Prior...

Read More »
Discover Queensland’s Great Beach Drive
With a sprawling coastline, well connected highway and plenty of icons to see, the Australian state of Queensland is made for driving. But where to begin when planning... Read More »
The World's Most Glamorous Train Journeys
Taking us back to an era when travelling by train was a glamorous affair, these classic rail Journeys encourage us to take it easy and enjoy the... Read More »
Where to See Wildlife in Victoria, Australia
From the dramatic coast to the rugged, national park-filled interior, Victoria is home to some of Australia’s most iconic wildlife. Despite being the second smallest... Read More »
Best Road Trips in Victoria, Australia
If you love the idea of road tripping in Australia consider making the state of Victoria your starting point for a driving holiday Down Under. From the culture-packed... Read More »
All Aboard The Ghan Train in Australia
Spectacular scenery, comfort and camaraderie are among the many reasons The Ghan train expedition has stood the test of time. Originally dubbed The Afghan Express, the... Read More »
Western Australia
The Best National Parks in Western Australia
Western Australia is the largest state by land area in the country, with an extensive coastline and vast landscapes to explore. It’s arguably the most diverse region... Read More »
Western Australia
Swimming with Whale Sharks in Western Australia
Whale sharks have been on the bucket list since day dot. In a world of amazing places to go, there are few where the experience accelerates the destination to the... Read More »
Western Australia
An Expert's Guide to Western Australia
”It’s so different to the rest of the country. The vibe is really relaxed and the coastline is stunning, with amazing walks and so much incredible marine life."... Read More »
The Best Whitsunday Island for Honeymoons
You would be hard pressed to find a more idyllic honeymoon destination than The Whitsundays. The archipelago of 74 stunning tropical Australian islands, nestled at the... Read More »
Best Things to Do on Brisbane South Bank
Whilst there are a host of activities to enjoy in the sun-drenched city of Brisbane, the city’s South Bank takes the biscuit. In similar fashion to London’s trendy... Read More »
Meeting the Locals in Tasmania
There are many special things about Tasmania, not least the quirks of its landscape and the characters who call it home. From a couple who make award-winning... Read More »
A Guide to Western Australia's Northern Region
With the new non-stop Qantas flight from London to Perth, the gateway to Western Australia, this spectacular state is finally getting the attention it... Read More »
Western Australia
Perth to Broome: The Ultimate Western Australian Road Trip
Travelling from Perth to Broome is the ultimate Western Australian road trip. It’s a long, long way to drive - over 1,400 miles in fact - but there are incredible... Read More »
The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World
On 8th June every year, we mark World Oceans Day, a day of celebration and awareness for the world’s oceans and the adverse effects humanity and our planet... Read More »
The Ultimate 50 Things to Do in Australia
Australia may be big, but our Travel Experts know it better than anyone - which is where this epic list comes in. Escape the tourist horde and really get under the skin... Read More »
The Best Vineyards in the Hunter Valley
To say I am partial to Australian wine is an understatement. In fact, it is a complete lie. I am 100% biased towards the Aussie grape. Since packing up my... Read More »
Great Barrier Reef
8 of the Best Reasons to Visit the Great Barrier Reef
Why should I visit the World Famous Great Barrier Reef? If the picture below isn't enough to inspire a visit to the Great Barrier Reef then hopefully this... Read More »
6 of the Best Wildlife Experiences on the Planet
We don’t call ourselves Travel Experts for nothing at Flight Centre! Our teams have travelled – and continue to travel – all over the world, experiencing different... Read More »
Western Australia
Tales from the Road in Western Australia
A mighty wave, bathed in sunlight, towers above me as I squint up at the brilliant blue sky beyond, writes Helen Ochyra. But it’s not going to come crashing down any... Read More »
A Guide to Visiting Phillip Island
Less than two hours from Melbourne, Phillip Island is the perfect destination for wildlife and wilderness lovers. Think waddling little penguins, koalas sleeping in the... Read More »
The Best Things to Buy in Australia
The highlights of an Australia holiday don't typically include shopping, but when visiting the Land Down Under there are certainly a few choice purchases we recommend.... Read More »
Western Australia
Campervanning in Western Australia
Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world. But it’s never been easier to travel there, with the first direct link between London and Perth launching earlier... Read More »
Australia’s Food & Wine Highlights
Australians take their food and drink very seriously so prepare yourself for a journey into excellent cuisine.Some of the world’s finest restaurants are found in... Read More »
Experience the Great Barrier Reef from the Air
It’s difficult to imagine wanting to leave Hamilton Island in the heart of Queensland's Whitsundays, but after a few days here, I just couldn’t wait to get back to... Read More »
Why You Should Learn the Local Language when Travelling
Parlez-vous anglais? Hablas inglés? Sprechen Sie Englisch? No doubt you’ve learned at least one of these phrases before embarking on a trip abroad. But did you learn... Read More »
Top Tips for Booking your Queensland Holiday with Flight Centre
Planning your trip to the land Down Under? Flight Centre can help you plan the best Queensland holiday, as Brighton Travel Expert Mel Donoghue explains. Fresh... Read More »
A Beginner's Guide to the World's Best Wines
The world of wine can be an overwhelming one, but you don't need to be a connoisseur to appreciate the different varietals on a wine-tasting holiday. In fact,... Read More »
Discovering the Highlights of Hamilton Island, Queensland
By the miracle of modern technology, midway through my flight along the coast of Queensland, Australia to Brisbane, I watched the latest episode of a famous sci-fi... Read More »
Introducing the Great 8 of Queensland's Great Barrier Reef
Most people have heard of the ‘Big 5’, but how about the ‘Great 8’? Rather than spotting animals in the African bush, you can find the Great 8 beneath the waves... Read More »
Why Visit Queensland's Atherton Tablelands
The eye-wateringly beautiful Atherton Tablelands may not get the same attention as its world-famous neighbours – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest... Read More »
An Interview with the Executive Chef at Spicers Retreats, Australia
The prospect of cooking and eating for a living is a pretty tempting one – especially when you’re doing it in some of Australia’s most luxurious properties. Enter... Read More »
Cruising from Sydney to New Zealand
Sally Macmillan has made two previous trips to New Zealand, but a luxury cruise out of Sydney proved to be her standout voyage...Sydney’s beaches, Opera House and... Read More »
10 Foods You Have to Try in Australia
This month marks two years since I packed up my summer clothes and moved to the UK – only to never wear said summer clothes again. To commemorate my two year... Read More »
How to Watch the Australian Open in Melbourne
It’s something of an understatement to say that the Australian Open is quite different from Wimbledon. Both celebrate top flight tennis at its best, but where... Read More »
New South Wales
An Expert’s Guide to Victoria and New South Wales
“From the buzz of city life to the serenity of nature-packed national parks, via some of the most pristine beaches on Earth, it’s endlessly inspirational here.”... Read More »
How to Spend 72 Hours in Melbourne
Melbourne is one of our all-time favourite cities. There's always something new to love about the place; whether it’s rooftop cocktail bars in Fitzroy or... Read More »
A Flight Centre Concierge Guide to 72 Hours in Sydney
There are so many famous sights to see in Sydney that it can take ages to decide where to start. So with this in mind, Flight Centre Concierge Vicky Savage... Read More »
The Best Swimming Spots Along the Sydney to Melbourne Coast
Tidal pools, secluded waterholes, dramatic waterfalls… Christine Faughlin dips her toe into some spectacular swimming spots along the Melbourne to Sydney coastal... Read More »
Where to Go in 2018
Once the dust has settled on the Champagne and fireworks, new year can be a gloomy time. It’s cold, it’s continuously dark, and spring feels like a million miles... Read More »
Top 5 Australian Beach Resorts
Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, and there are stunning resorts all over the country. Narrowing it down is no easy feat, but after much consideration, here are... Read More »
The Best Cities to Visit in Australia
Australia is a country of contrasting landscapes; desert, beaches, mountains, bush – there is plenty to explore. It also has some incredible cities, and since I’ve... Read More »
The Best Places to Visit in Australia
When planning a visit to Australia, the options can seem endless. And indeed they are. No one trip to Australia can take in everything, but it is possible to experience... Read More »
Queensland's Most Instagrammable Beaches
This post originally appeared on the Flight Centre Australia blogWinter may be fast approaching in the UK, but spring has already sprung in Australia! A forecast... Read More »
How Flight Centre's Concierge Team Can Make your Queensland Holiday Amazing
Flight Centre’s dedicated Concierge team is just one of the many benefits that customers who book one of our tailor-made Journeys holidays enjoy. Concierge Michelle... Read More »
Hollywood’s Chris Hemsworth Talks Australia Holidays
Hollywood actor; heart-throb; Home & Away star. Australian native Chris Hemsworth is all of these things, but most importantly he’s a family man. That’s why... Read More »
The Locals' Guide to Queensland, Australia
The unique story of Queensland, Australia’s second-largest state, is best told by the people who live there. These are the people who will help you get to the heart... Read More »
A Local’s Guide to the Best Things to Do in Brisbane
Not as big as Sydney nor as cultural as Melbourne, Brisbane has long been overshadowed by its sister Australian cities. That is, until recently. Having grown up in the... Read More »
Discover Sydney, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef with Flight Centre
Can you really see enough of Australia in a fortnight? Yes you can. Lauren Jarvis takes us on Flight Centre's two-week Sydney, Rock & Reef Journey, covering the... Read More »
How I Got Hooked on Queensland
My best-ever month was spent exploring Queensland with a childhood friend, tells Ellie Fazan. Swimming in the dazzling blue water off the coast; barbecuing seafood so... Read More »
9 Fun Facts about the Great Barrier Reef
Famous the world over for its colourful corals and fascinating fishes, the Great Barrier Reef sits high on the travel must-sees list. Together with Sydney and Uluru, it... Read More »
Explore Hobart, Mona and Beyond in Tasmania
An island off an island, a land of wilderness, a place at the edge of the world. Tasmania is all these things. But since unorthodox gallerist David Walsh opened his... Read More »
The Best Events in Australia
There’s enough to see and do in Australia to keep you coming back at any time of the year. Start filling your diary with untold adventures, like... Read More »